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high5 polymer clay: we interrupt our regular programming and anna fidecka

We Interrupt Our Regular Programming…

If you follow me on Facebook you might already know that the reason there haven’t been any new posts on DAM since Wednesday is that I took an unexpected trip to the emergency room early Thursday. (And if you aren’t following me on FB, why not?  In addition to all of my regular DAM blog posts, I also post many more interesting links!).  Looks like I have a wicked virus that is currently wreaking havoc in this part of the Hudson Valley.  The good folks at the hospital stabilized me and I’m home now, feeling a lot better – I will likely be back to my regular antics soon.  I will try to post through the weekend and into early next week to complete the series, but I will pace myself.

Hope you are enjoying this installment of the High5 series!

High5 Polymer Clay: Anna Fidecka

Anna Fidecka has a website fully stocked with images of her polymer clay jewelry. Fidecka lives in Warsaw, Poland and she has been working diligently learning both polymer clay and art clay silver.

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In much of the portfolio you can see the teachers/artists that might have influenced her.  But you can also see something else:  As you scroll through the dozens of pictures it is evident that while she is working on mastering specific techniques, her voice is beginning to come through.





I can’t tell you much more about her because my attempts to translate her website were unsuccessful. But you can see for yourself that many of the pieces, like the ones shown here, indicate that Fidecka is reaching beyond what she learned from others and making the work her own. I say keep it up.


Anna Fidecka website

Anna Fidecka on Flickr


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