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high5 polymer clay: rachel carren

Rachel Carren spent several years refining and exploring the air-filled pillow construction she used on these segmented brooches. The work, with stamped and printed imagery, is quietly elegant, sumptuous and refined.  I hope she allows us more than this small glimpse of her work – I would love to see a website to showcase all of her jewelry, wouldn’t you?

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William Morris Sebo Brooch Divided, polymer clay, 2009

From the PAA post about Carren’s William Morris Sebo Divided Brooch:

“Two custom patterns were sequentially hand screened onto variegated polymer sheeting. Each segment is comprised of two parts each of which is an air filled pillow like form that I developed. The two part segments are fitted together and then positioned on a base layer of polymer that has been highlighted with mica powder to become the background. A cut out is made and the two ends are pinched together to form the point. Finished with mica highlighted polymer detailing at center and points.” Rachel Carren


William Morris Sebo Brooch, polymer clay, 2009

Find more photos like this on crafthaus

Carren, who has a Ph.D. in Art History, is a frequent contributor to Polymer Art Archive, a comprehensive online documentation of the history of polymer clay as an art medium. The Sebo brooch is part of Elise Winters’ (PAA founder) “Polymer Collection Project” and will likely become part of a museum’s permanent collection.  More information about that next month.


Carren on Crafthaus

Carren on Polymer Art Archive


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