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high5: polymer clay

This post begins the second of my week-long High5 series, an occasional feature on Daily Art Muse. The Cambridge Dictionary’s definition of high-five is “a greeting or an expression of admiration in which two people each raise a hand above their shoulder and bring the fronts of their hands together with force.” With each High5 series I indulge in a week-long exploration of one medium, celebrating (at least) five artists in that medium who are high on my list (and my list changes as frequently as my mood).

High5: Polymer Clay

Before I tell you what’s happening, what’s new and who’s using this versatile medium, take another look at the polymer clay art already featured on Daily Art Muse.  The archives are brimming with more than 200 posts about polymer clay art, tutorials, artists, tips, tools and workshops.


It’s no surprise that this post about Kathleen Dustin caused quite a stir. Dustin continues to be one of the most exciting artists on the scene using polymer clay in her work.


5/19/09: Kathleen Dustin, Winter Seeds

This week’s series will be of interest to artists, collectors, students and polymer clay enthusiasts. For High5: Polymer Clay, expect 2-3 posts every day – remember to check the “Latest Posts” category for the most recent.

You will definitely want to follow me on Facebook this week. I have an abundance of links to share – more than I can fit into the posts – I will be putting the extra links and images up on my Facebook page all week long. You can find the link to ‘friend’ me on Facebook in the sidebar.

The DaMuse sidebar will be very active this week. I’m bringing back the Tidbits feature along with my Amazon picks and links to polymer clay resources. The sidebar features will change and grow during the week so don’t forget to check them often.


Polymer Clay Color Inspirations: Techniques and Jewelry Projects for Creating Successful Palettes

Come back this afternoon to see the first artist featured in this week’s Daily Art Muse High5 Polymer Clay series.

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