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avital sheffer’s ancient texts on contemporary forms

Award winning ceramic artist Avital Sheffer’s deep exploration of her Middle Eastern and Jewish heritage is a rich resource for her work. Born in Israel but now based in Australia, Sheffer brings us the “languages and wisdom of that part of the world and that way of being in the world.” The voluptuous ceramic forms, with text from ancient documents printed on their surface, appear to hold the secrets of primeval cultures.



Meshalim I



Piryon I & II


I am interested in the frayed edges of mythologies and language, where dialogue and cross-fertilization between cultures takes place. Personal experiences of conflict, migration, dislocation and renewal intersect with the dilemmas between traditions and modernity. Avital Sheffer


Atarah IV



Adamah III


The act of making is a constant negotiation between creating a new entity and uncovering that which already exists, hidden within the folds of the material, governed by elemental principles. Avital Sheffer


Poriyah I


The images here are from the artist’s collection of new work.  Visit her website to see dozens of images of both recent and early work.  Stunning.  More at Jane Sauer Gallery.

Happy New Year to all who are celebrating Rosh Hashanah today.


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