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betsy youngquist’s sculptural mosaics

Betsy Youngquist admits to a fascination with “the intersection of humans, animals, and mythology.”  In 2004 her work took a critical turn when she moved away from beaded paintings and began creating the sculptural mosaic figures that have become her signature.



Milli, wallpiece

Youngquist, who holds a Master’s degree in art education from the University of Wisconsin, makes sculptural mosaic figures that are part animal, part human and all powerful. The figures begin as a form which she embellishes in a mosaic style using vintage beads, antique porcelain doll parts and other re-purposed objects held in place with black grout.



Central to the success of each piece is her use of antique human prosthetic eyes, antique doll eyes and doll taxidermy eyes that allow her to bring a degree of humanity to the animal forms. Listen to the artist speak about her work here.




Wink and Rocky



Animals are as invested in our experience as we are in theirs. Sometimes I think we want to see ourselves in these creatures in order to hear the messages they bring. I know I do. Betsy Youngquist


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