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carol gwizdak: precious pods

Carol Gwizdak’s porcelain pods, real seed heads and sterling silver come together with an other-worldly elegance that demands attention and thought.  What is precious?  Gwizdak’s jewelry “invites you to care and in doing so forces you to question what is and what we perceive as precious, reinstating nature in its purest form as the most precious of all commodities.”



Pod Bangle, silver, steel wire, porcelain cast pods, glass beads


Hyacinth Ring, seed head, silver, porcelain plinth


Two Pods Ring, porcelain, silver


Oxidized silver, seed head, silver, porcelain plinth



Multi Pod Ring, silver, porcelain pods


Oxidized silver, seed head, porcelain plinth


I question the values of contemporary society and our inclination towards self-interest, material worth and ostentation. We become preoccupied with the quest for possession, and in so doing we overlook the simple pleasures of life.


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