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bugged: robert j. lang


Look twice at these insects.  They look real, but they aren’t.  They are paper.  Folded paper to be exact. Paper folded from one sheet of paper if you want all the facts.  No cuts.  None. Robert J. Lang is one of the foremost origami artists in the world with a portfolio that boasts much more than insects. It will amaze and delight you. More Lang right here.



Goliath Beetle, paper


Water Strider, paper

lang_praying_mantisPraying Mantis, paper

Don’t miss Lang’s Ted Talk, Idea + Square = Origami.

Can’t get enough? Everything in this Mitsubishi commercial is paper except the car.  Lang folded the dragon and had help with the rest of the origami set that included hundreds of folded trees.  Must have been a folding frenzy. A team of modelers animated the figures, bringing his dragon to life. Wonderful stuff.

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