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vladimir gvozdev captures the essence of child’s play

It’s raining here in the Hudson Valley.  Again.  Another dark, wet, morning in this, the soggiest of summers.  A good time to let Vladimir Gvozdev’s quirky characters transport me to another time, another place, another summer.



This Russian artist’s dolls and wooden toys capture the essence of a long-ago childhood – do you remember the thrill of a cat’s cradle, playing telephone, getting tangled up in a hula hoop and swinging on a backyard swing? I do.



Youthful figures armed with paper airplanes, kites, doll carriages and scooters, readying themselves for another day of play – the real work of childhood.


As I scrolled through the images of finely detailed sculptures with almost-melancholy faces, I recalled sweet moments from my own childhood and dreams of riding high atop an elephant’s back.


It’s still raining outside.  I think I’ll linger a little bit longer in Vladimir Gvozdev’s world. Hope you remember to play today…no matter what your age.


Links to his most recent works are here and here (scroll sideways in this gallery and put your cursor over the images to see different angles of the toys). Gvozdev’s earlier work is equally compelling and thought provoking – don’t miss this gallery.

We have Lorrene Davis to thank for linking us to this morning’s trip down memory lane!

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