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tools: finger brush and texture plate

When Lorrene Davis sent along the link to this artist I popped over to her website to see what she was up to and look what I found!


Davis, a metal clay Master Instructor, handcrafts and sells the Finger Brush – a tool she invented when she got tired of “Putting down the file, picking up the dry brush to save the precious silver dust.Then putting down the brush and picking up the file.Then repeating the whole process over and over again…… and over and over again.”

Cool beans. You can get one too. Right here.

marsha neal shards

Then a visit to Marsha Neal’s blog revealed a post about how she makes porcelain shards. I like the way Neal uses two wood texture plates to make the spiral ridges. I’m sure the texture boards can be used with materials other than porcelain. Maybe Miss Marsha will share her source for the serious looking texture mats?

In the meantime, although you can’t buy the texture plates from her, you can purchase the porcelain shards.  This way please – booth #806.

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2 Responses to tools: finger brush and texture plate

  1. Sorry for the delay in replying to this post. Just found it online…

    The wooden texture squares with ridges I use to make the shards was one of those finds at a ceramics conference (NCECA) a few years ago. I don’t remember the vendor because it was an impulse buy at the last minute while rushing in-between demonstrations and lectures at the conference.

    I think I remember asking the woman what it was “intended” use was for, and she mentioned something about using it to create a texture on a handle for pottery…

    Wish I had more info… Will post if I come across them again!

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