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etsuko ichikawa: glass encounters

Drawing with hot molten glass, Etsuko Ichikawa creates glass pyrographs that leave behind a scar of charred imagery the artist describes as “a way of capturing a fleeting moment and eternalizing it.”

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The images here are from her gallery of smaller works, and there are no dimensions so I don’t have a sense of the scale of the pieces, but when I first saw them I immediately envisioned brooches.


Ichikawa calls this series Deai , which translates from Japanese to mean ‘encounter’. You can see the larger works in the series here, and again there are no dimensions listed, however it is a bit easier to see just how large these drawings are, some framed and mounted on the wall.


“I see this process as a metaphor of my daily life in terms of encounters and impressions relating directly to my work. Meeting someone, seeing some event, hearing a piece of music – these encounters are fleeting moments, but sometimes the impressions of these moments take on their own lives.” – E.I.

Watch this video to see some of her process.  More videos of the artist at work on her website here.  Ichikawa also uses other materials in her art, including plastic piping, resin and thread.

Traces of the Molten State from Etsuko Ichikawa on Vimeo.

“Moment and memory, absorption and evaporation, light and shadow are some of the triggers that inspire me and relate to my work. My “glass pyrographs” are made by drawing hot molten glass, which is one way to capture and eternalize the immediacy of a moment, while my hanging and floating installations are about ever-changing states of mind.”  – E.I.


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  1. As a glass artist working with a torch and fire everyday, I find this artist work to be one of the most beautiful works of art I’ve seen. The video shows the grace and care she takes when creating these unique works of art.

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