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relax, regroup, rejoice. time off for damuse!

It is time for me to step away from the computer to Play. Read. See The World Through Different Lenses. Breathe. Plan. Relax. Celebrate.  August is going to be busy and I will take more time off later in the month to get ready for a new adventure, but for now – one week away from the computer to relax, regroup and rejoice.

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Plan 9 on Flickr

I won’t be going very far, I have plenty to do here…

I can’t wait to sit outside in the shade of a garden to read Susan Lenart Kazmer’s book and review her DVD in preparation for my roadtrip with Alison Lee later this month. And speaking of Alison, I signed up for this week’s free seminar on Craftcast. Sounds like fun. I also have a date with Robert Dancik’s new DVD and some Faux Bone. Let’s see if I can handle a jeweler’s saw! Robert will be at Alison’s online party too – have you signed up yet?


the.story.girl. on Flickr

In a few days I will mark the beginning of a new decade of my life. I am grateful to be alive – grateful that I can still stop and smell the flowers… laugh…grow…stretch…explore and dream about the future. I’m so excited about this new decade that I can hardly sit still! This week I will celebrate the smallest moments of my life, the biggest accomplishments (jr) and everything in between…I am soaring already.


bocavermelha-l.b. on Flickr

While I’m away, pull up a chair and browse through the DAMuse archives – there is so much to see!  As a dear friend said recently, “the library is going to stay open, and all the shelves are stacked, but the librarian will be unavailable, she’s getting new glasses!”

It promises to be a sweet, silly, soulful, sunny, saucy, sassy week – hope yours is too!

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5 Responses to relax, regroup, rejoice. time off for damuse!

  1. Dear Susan,

    As you head off into these precious seven days, remember…

    Taking this break is about time for you to pull back, after all you’ve done to push us.

    It’s about time off to say ‘yes’ to no one else but you, after letting us say it so many times with your posts: “Did you see Daily Art Muse today?” “Yes!”

    It’s about time needed to exhale, fully, completely, cleanly, to that magic point when all you can do, all you’ll be ready and willing and wanting to do, is inhale, infuse, inspire… which we know you will do, in time.

    It’s about time to ‘pause,’ and do so knowing that you’ve given us lots to ‘replay’ with while you’re away.

    Susan, for these and so many other reasons, with all you do for us every Daily… it’s about time.

    Happy Birthday to You.


  2. Good for you to be doing some refueling for your spirit, soul and self. This last set of photos are superb and very inspirational. The faux bone is something that is intriguing to me. thanks for the heads up on the class. Will head over to see what it is all about.

    I will be checking back in to see your new inspirations will be.

    Thank you for being you and sharing with all of us here on the net.

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