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cormier & holmes introduce new work and the great white Sh.A.R.K.

We are dedicated to evolving polymer clay through creativity without boundaries, quality without compromise, design with intent, and innovation with integrity. And we want to have fun doing it. Dan Cormier & Tracy Holmes

Dan Cormier and Tracy Holmes have been busy sprucing up their website – adding new work, making cool videos, sharing exciting news about the Sh.A.R.K. family of tools (see below) and refining a mission statement (that’s it above, but read more here).

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Polar Pin, 2009, polymer clay

When Cormier has a new idea for a piece and discovers that it requires a tool he doesn’t have, he gets to work making the tool and the whole community benefits. He has been sharing his Cutting Edge line of precision tools with us since 2005 when he introduced the Peeler Collection, adding the Sh.A.R.K. in 2008 and now the Great White Sh.A.R.K. and more to come later this year.

The Sh.A.R.K. is “a magnetic ‘moveable wall,’ a sheet adjuster that turns your single-width pasta machine into a versatile ‘any width’ tool for sheeting, mixing, blending, and reducing polymer clay.” The original Sh.A.R.K. was made to fit the Atlas 150 pasta machine, but now everyone can enjoy the benefits of this little fin-that-could with the new Great White Sh.A.R.K., which fits the Amaco, Makins, and Atlas 180 machines.


The video below is a comprehensive look at what the Sh.A.R.K can help you accomplish in your studio.  Beautifully executed, it takes the concept of a ‘brochure’ to a whole new level. Fun, informative and enticing.  I have a Sh.A.R.K. and while I love the way it adjusts the size of the sheet of clay, I admit that it wasn’t until I saw the video that I truly understood that I had a powerhouse sitting on my pasta machine!

Want your own Sh.A.R.K. ? You can purchase a Sh.A.R.K. Kit here.

For me, my tools and what I do with them have always been intertwined. It’s not about the latest gimmick or trick. It’s more fundamental, evolving organically out of some need I find through my dialogue with the clay. A new idea requires a tool I don’t have. So I make that tool. Once I have it, I can usually do the thing I wanted to do, which is great. But even better, it continues the conversation. Suddenly I see something I couldn’t see before, something I hadn’t even imagined. Like cresting a hill, I get a new view, a new perspective, a new take on my medium. Dan Cormier

Congratulations to this dynamic duo – it certainly does look like they are having fun (see mission statement above) while elevating the medium with their innovative tools, work and techniques – a win/win combination for all.

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4 Responses to cormier & holmes introduce new work and the great white Sh.A.R.K.

  1. Dan, you clever boy!!! Your engineering skills almost surpass your polymer clay skills! And THAT is saying something! Obviously it’s time for me to take another workshop with you and Tracy — you keep dazzling us all! (I’m starting to get used to it though.)

  2. I spent a long time today browsing Dan’s new work. I was left utterly speachless, and more than once remarked to myself at this man’s brilliance and remarkable fortitude in getting it _so_right_. There just really aren’t words. I think, of all the talented PC artists out there, Dan is tops…wow….

    Still shaking my head and reeling.

    Thanks, Susan, for pointing us to Dan and Tracy’s updated site. My own ‘sites’ have now been set higher.

  3. Hi Susan,

    Thank you so much for showcasing some of our new stuff today on DAMuse. Your continued support means so much to us. This website overhaul was a big job, and when you tweak and micro-tweak the same web page, or replay a video until you get it just right, you kinda lose sense of it (like when you say a word over and over, until suddenly, it just sound like gibberish? try it, with some ordinary word, like ‘bacon’). I must say, it feels great to have this phase completed, so we can now get on to some even newer exciting things.

    And thank you so much, Ms. Almeida. What can I say? Your comment leaves us speechless. Oh no wait, I know what I can say. I can tell people to go check out your work. For those who don’t know, Portugal’s Cristina Almeida is an artist to watch. If you do know her work, it may be for her amazing Infinity Necklace that ranked among the winners in 2008’s Progress and Possibilities competition. Cristina’s work reveals a great sense of personal flair with bold, exciting designs and an innovative approach. She represents some of the best work that is coming from across the pond. Check her out!

    On behalf of Tracy too, thanks again so much.


    P.S. bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon…

  4. Genius and absolutely revolutionary! This is what makes a medium improve and allow us to challenge our imagination and grow ourselves as artists, just like when our ancestors made use of a rock. Simple things but then they make us take a giant step when we actually make use of our creativity. Thank you Dan and Tracy for giving this boost to our brain!

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