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carol-lynn swol: twice as nice

In late 2006 I wrote about Carol-lynn Swol’s Tyvek in this post and today I happened upon it again while researching another artist.  Her work still makes my heart flutter so let’s take a second look.



Interruption Bracelet, dyed and cut Tyvek, sterling silver

Swol has a passion for manipulating materials and she has done a masterful job transforming Tyvek, the tough-to-tear plastic used to make shipping envelopes and building wraps, into jewelry with an organic aesthetic.  She dyes, cuts, stacks, swirls, heats and shapes this durable material, taking it from boring to breathtaking. Tyvek is as thin as paper, adaptable and resilient – characteristics that leave room for endless possibilities. More from Swol’s collection here.


Wave Brooch, Tyvek, sterling silver


Edges Bracelet, dyed and heated Tyvek


Spirograph Bracelet Blue, dyed and cut Tyvek


Iiiterate Brooch Three, dyed Tyvek, sterling silver, stainless steel wire


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One Response to carol-lynn swol: twice as nice

  1. WOW!

    Like you, I also LOVE Tyvek! It’s ability to take colors and be manipulated make it so versatile.

    Carol-Lynn Swol has mastered Tyvek work. Thank you for sharing this!

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