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ginga squid did!

It’s turning into a crazy week for me and it’s only Monday! This morning Vicky Hunt’s jewelry (aka Ginga Squid) made me turn my head sideways, arch my eyebrows and say, “huh?”. Perfect, since cocking my head, arching my eyebrows and uttering the word “huh?” seem to be my main activities on this last Monday in July as I try to make sense of things that don’t make sense.

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Taniwha Brooch
Faux Bone, sterling silver, Thai Hills Tribe fine silver beads, Merino wool, metal washers, seed beads, vintage blinking dolls eye


Hunt takes a jumble of colorful materials, mixes them with fierce experimentation and adds a healthy dose of humor that might just hint at a wild side. Taniwha, the brooch pictured above, is a collaborative effort that recently won first place in a Step by Step Beads competition.


Merino wool, Leopard Skin Jasper, etched copper



Anemone Ring
Faux Bone, sterling silver tube, Merino wool roving, silk threads, rough natural diamonds, UV resin, air plant



Blinking Eye Ring
sterling silver, resin, vintage blinking doll’s eye


Ginga Squid on Flickr

A Ginga Squid piece doesn’t seem complete without a blinking doll eye or an air plant! Love that air plant!

Bold.Daring.Bodacious.Not.For.The.Timid. I’m heading out the door to take a much needed break from making sense of things.  See you tomorrow!


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One Response to ginga squid did!

  1. Susan,

    Thank you for introducing this artist to me. What a great sense of color, texture, and movement. I just want to touch them.

    That’s it, I am so inspired to go to my studio and start creating with wool fibers. These are just too cool!


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