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high5 glass: kate fowle meleney’s electroformed glass beads

When I look at Kate Fowle Meleney’s beads I feel as though I am looking through a window pane into a world of riotous color and pattern – makes me want to open the window, lean out, look around and say “Good Morning World!”



Copper Blue Anthropomorph
lampworked glass, copper leaf, enamels, frit, stringers, electroformed, liver of sulfur

Fowle Meleney came to glass by way of metal, with an early body of work that consisted of electroformed enamel on copper. Watching a lampwork demonstration in 1990 changed her direction and she poured her energy into learning how to work with glass. A year later it paid off when Fowle Meleney became the first person to electroform on a glass bead and since that time her main focus has been electroforming onto glass beads.


Japanese Double Pod
lampworked glass, enamels, glass frit, electroformed copper skin, patinaed


Double Garden Pod
lampworked glass, enamels, copper leaf, electroformed copper, liver of sulfur

Fowle Meleney uses roofing copper from the hardware store to create her Biotech series –  nature inspired forms captured in electrofomed ‘skins’. She enjoys working copper because she can achieve a deep, dulled patina to complement the glossy beads. Do take your time in the gallery section of her website –  the beads featured here represent a small selection of her styles, which include mud cloth, trapezoids and protozoa.


Red Sea Pod
lampworked glass, enamels, frits, stringers, electroformed copper, liver of sulfur


lampworked glass, enamel, electroformed copper cages


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  1. Kate Fowle Meleney is one of my beadmaking idols. Like her, I knew how to electroform before I learned to work glass (I learned as a chemistry grad student). She’s one of the incredible artists who inspired me to take up glass!

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