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grzegorz blazko: flair, style and craftsmanship

While I was surfing around the internet looking for information about yesterday’s feature artist I found one more jeweler from Poland to end our week.  Again, I couldn’t unearth much information in English about Grzegorz Blazko or his work, but one thing is clear: When you are looking at a Blazko, you know you are looking at a Blazko.

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The dots and squares pattern present on most of his pieces is part of the signature style (something he calls “Black and White Chessboard with a Rusty Dot in the Middle of Every Square”), but the unusual settings and excellent craftsmanship are equally distinctive features. Looks like enamel with jewels encrusted in some of the pieces. I’m counting on my metalsmith friends to let us know.

This You Tube slideshow offers a closer look at a selection from Blazko’s collection.


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