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kari russell-pool: the cowboy way

Trying to decide which of Kari Russell-Pool’s glass sculptures to feature is a little like trying to choose a piece of chocolate from the dessert tray after a fine dining experience.  Near impossible when it is all so good.  A flameworker who often collaborates with husband Marc Petrovic, Russell-Pool’s sculptures are feminine, delicate and brimming with mind bending detail.


Aromatic Amphora #2, 14″H x 13″W

The artist lives by a philosophy for art making that serves her well: “In glass there is often a ‘right’ way to do things. I am more a proponent of the cowboy way. The cowboy way invites invention, and serves the master of the final result, rather than proper technique. I am proud to be called a craftsman, because craftsmanship underlies all I do, even if I am occasionally caught being an artist.”


Faith Eternal, 15″H x 9″W x 8″D

As articulate with words as she is with glass, Russell-Pool offers thoughtful statements about each of her collections including what inspired the work, the message she hopes to pass on to the viewer and some very personal feelings that sparked the beginning of a series. Take the time to browse through all of her selected work categories and learn more about the woman behind the glass.


Life Form Studies, 21″h x 9″ l x 2 “d each


Life Form Studies, detail

I’ve got some lemons to juggle today and images of the vessels in the series When Life Hands You Lemons will be fresh in my head as I revisit a cumbersome task I thought was behind me. Positive energy and good thoughts from you will surely sweeten my lemonade, yes?

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