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julia bailey evolves

Julia Bailey is working on a Masters Degree in Visual Arts at the Camberwell College of Arts in London.  Curious about containing organic forms inside neutral spaces, Bailey created a set of ceramic forms inspired by plant elements, but decidedly fantastical.

The young artist is evolving, much like the wall installations from her series, Evolve, which started as a collection of plant structures and over time has grown to include birds perched out on ceramic limbs.  Groupings of several individual sculptures work well as colorful statements for a blank wall and I particularly like the way Figs follows the progression of a flower from bud to blossom.



Figs, earthenware ceramic


Thistles, earthenware ceramic


Clipper Flowers, earthenware ceramic


Lovebirds, earthenware ceramic


Mushrooms, earthenware ceramic

I am particularly fascinated with ideas of growth and containment which is inspiring a series of works that appear to be growing inside the space. Each piece is an invention of fantasy; with combinations of naturalistic elements creating new and original objects.

More of Bailey’s ceramic flowers at art-file gallery

Link via newbloodart

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  1. I can’t imagine making these wonderful flowers in anything but polymer clay. so my hat is off to the artist for making them with such a heavy type of medium as earthen clay. Awe inspiring work

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