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mechanical marionette street theater

today’s flickr find:
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[private_archives]Today was a roller coaster of a day –  I need a reason to smile broadly and be amazed. The French street theater company Royale De Luxe lifts me up with their artistry, commitment, dedication, creativity and sheer will to bring a smile to the masses. Based in Nantes, France, the company has been performing around Europe since the late 1970’s. Best known for their giant sized mechanical marionettes, they take their crane to the streets for the Estuary Arts Festival, unveiling a new performance every other year. Their latest production was a fairy tale told over several days last week at multiple locations in the city of Nantes. Click on each of the images to see dozens of pictures taken by two people lucky enough to witness the touching tale unfold.


misterstf on Flickr


GillesB on Flickr

In this video, watch the sad giant walking through the streets searching for his lost niece. The video starts slowly, but look closely and you will see what an enormous undertaking it is to make a production like this happen. Pairs of men dressed in period costumes and holding ropes connected to the giant jump from a landing two by two to move his feet forward, one step at a time.

Heart.Be.Still.  Hope this makes you smile too – have a great weekend!

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