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new polymer clay work from toops

today’s flickr find:

Chuck Domitrovich collaborated with Cynthia Toops on two of her newest micro-mosaic pieces. Kudos to both artists – the metalwork is lovely and Toops continues to outdo herself with her tiny polymer clay thread portraits.  Take a look at Domitrovich’s bezel before Toops had her way with it.



3.75″  x 2.125″, sterling silver, brass, polymer clay



2.5″ x 1.75″  sterling silver, brass, steel, polymer clay


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5 Responses to new polymer clay work from toops

  1. Thanks for featuring my work again! I agree with all the other comments– Cynthia’s part of our collaborations are mind-bogglingly complex and time-consuming. I am a very patient person but she has me beat hands down. I think the smaller of the two pieces took her more than 40 hours and she has worked on much bigger pieces than either of these.

  2. All I can do is sigh in amazement–I don’t know what enthralls me more–the sly humor of her compositions, or her technical expertise. What an innovator. If she does nothing else in her life, she is assured of a place in artistic history.

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