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joseph gatto: old world, new ways

Joseph Gatto’s unique gold, silver and platinum settings showcase museum quality antique beads and his portfolio is brimming with original, thought provoking ring designs that are both functional and beautiful. Superb craftsmanship is surpassed only by his creativity in resolving complex design challenges – a feature of showcasing antique objects that require careful handling yet beg to be seen from all sides.

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[private_archives]Gatto’s work is a study in how to preserve the history and integrity of antique objects while utilizing contemporary, modern day tools and ideas.


Ring, 14 Kt gold, ancient Egyptian scarab, wood inlays

As a craftsman, it is essential for me to experience the creative process: to explore, to touch, to feel, to enjoy, to learn from and to give new life to the materials and objects that I have been entrusted with, because I am only a temporary custodian of the human and natural made environments.


Ring, 14 kt gold, scrimshaw ojime bead


Ring, sterling silver, porcelain doll, doll’s head, pink ivory inlay

By designing and making jewelry with antiques and antiquities, I maintain the culture and traditions of the ancient craftsman, and as a contemporary designer, making jewelry reminds me of my own heritage as an artist and as a designer. Since most of the antiques or antiquities are up to 3000 years old, or older, I am challenged to design unique, one-of-a-kind pieces while maintaining the integrity of the artifact that I have selected to work with.


Ring, sterling silver, scrimshaw ojime bead



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  1. I have been watching Joe’s work closely over many years. His many years as an artist with integrity show in his respect for antiquity in every detail….

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