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kathy triplett: below the surface

Kathy Triplett’s ceramic tiles tease the curious viewer with windows and small openings that reveal something more.  Many of the sculptural tiles appear almost like deeply personal shrine offerings.  Triplett’s twist on the basic tile form, her use of windows and openings, creates a powerful effect and draws us into the world below the surface.

While each tile stands alone, grouped together the story becomes even more interesting. I could see this concept interpreted in another medium, as brooches or pendants.  Yes?


Kathy Triplett, ceramic wall tile, 2003  10″ x 10″


ceramic, mixed media  10″ x 10″


Teapot Tile, ceramic, 10″ x 10″


How can we speak with these small mouths, ceramic, mixed media


Windows and openings from one layer into another are abiding elements in the work, metaphors for the layers of the self, or for the process of uncovering another world that lies beyond this one.

Some of my favorite Triplett tiles are at the Harris Stanton Gallery

Triplett at Mudfire

More tiles at Lee Hansley Gallery

We have a long holiday weekend coming up here in the US so I will be taking Monday off, but do come back this afternoon for one more post before I move away from the computer for a few days!

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