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tim mccreight is coming to my house

Tim McCreight is coming to my house to teach me how hammers and other tools can assist me in my design process.  I had dinner with Tim at the Synergy conference last year and he is as he seems: warm, accessible, down-to-earth, engaging. It was during our dinner with Tim that night that Alison Lee (CraftCast) had an idea for a series of online workshops and she produced her first Master Class a few months after that dinner.

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[private_archives]I’m pretty excited that Tim is coming to my house on Monday night.  Sweet! But wait, there’s no reason to be envious – he can come to your house too – even if you live on the other side of the globe!


On Monday, May 11th at 8pm (EST), McCreight will teach “Design, a Blow by Blow Approach”, the newest Master Class.  Watch, listen and learn from the comfort of your living room with another cutting edge online workshop from CraftCast.

Tim McCreight, a renowned metalsmith, teacher and author has published two dozen books and videos. In Monday’s online workshop McCreight shares his design expertise, including how a hammer became as important as a pencil in his design process and how his new experience of trusted tools helped him develop a deeper appreciation for chance and spontaneity. I’ll be there. In my living room. With Tim. Won’t you join us?  Click the image above to register.

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3 Responses to tim mccreight is coming to my house

  1. Meant to add i envy all that were able to go to the Synergy Conference, i sculpt figures, myself but i would just melt being around all that talent and knowledge.

    If anyone can go to one of those conferences, DO!

  2. LOL! i thought the same thing, i would love for my daughter to take that class, i am going to dinner at the restaurant that she works out this evening, i need to find out if she wants to take it, i had given her his instructional dvds and books for Christmas.

    She is just now getting into working polymer clay and metal work. I had also given her a set of Tory Hughes dvds on working with polymer, great set also.

    Can you record or download these workshops? The last one i took was on transfers and i never figured out how to down load the workshop so i could use it as a reference. I am such a lost when it comes to computer technical know how…

    Love your new LoOK, still getting use to the navigation…

  3. Just to clarify (because some folks are getting confused) Tim won’t REALLY be at my house, he will be there VIRTUALLY, because I’m enrolled in his ONLINE Master Class.

    And you can enroll too, no matter where you live, by clicking on the image in the post. Then he can visit you too!

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