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jim lorriman turns reclaimed wood

Canadian Jim Lorriman turns wood using a concentric ring lamination technique which allows him to reuse old wood in a way that isn’t available to other woodturners. The former cabinet maker turns vases, bowls and plates from reclaimed dock wood, discarded window frames, timbers from old factories and barns, even grandma’s old front door.

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[private_archives]I’m intrigued by the idea of taking a piece of wood that has sentimental value and turning it into an heirloom that can be enjoyed and honored for generations.


Lorriman, a 2009 Niche Award Finalist, is a self-taught artist whose practice of featuring the flaws in a piece of wood echoes the wisdom we find in Eastern cultures.



I have a deep respect for the forest as an entity and its individual trees. The forest provides for me and I only take what is offered. I try to show wood in new ways to spark curiosity and possibly even get people to think. Through the trees I am connected to the past. They are connected through me to the future.

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