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asagi maeda: department store of dreams

At a glance, the image below, bearing the title Department Store of Dreams, appears to be an architectural model for a modern building.



Department Store of Dreams

However, if you look a little closer you will see that it is actually a photograph of silversmith Asagi Maeda’s collection of meticulously crafted bracelets.  The six bracelets stack to form a multi level building and each bracelet depicts scenes from a department store filled with shoppers and goods waiting to be purchased.


best viewed large! click on image to see larger version


The Department Store of Dreams, made of silver, plexiglass, gold, enamel, and semi-precious stones, was on display at Mobilia Gallery last October.  You can see many more images on their website here.  Take a look at her website too, where the artist’s ‘Boxes in Life’ and ‘A Trip to the Subconscious illustrate an expert expression of the worlds that thrive in a vivid imagination.  Wow. I’ll check back in when I start breathing again.


Department Store of Dreams detail


Department Store of Dreams detail

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