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baldwin & guggisberg: fellow travelers with a different perspective

Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg began making art together as students in Sweden, continuing their work for twenty years as glass artists in Switzerland and more recently in Paris, where they now reside. The trust and confidence that comes with this long-term collaboration has allowed the team to stretch and grow – from artists who began their journey refining the classic traditions of their training to artists who embrace all aspects of experimentation.


The result of this fearless experimentation is expressed in a collection of Vessels distinguished by bold surface designs of glass layers that have been cut and sliced to reveal the colors below; ambitious spherical sculptures that arc and curve along metal spines, and a series of graceful Guardians that gleefully celebrate the elastic nature of hot, molten glass.



About the Guardians pictured above:

They celebrate the fabulous elasticity of glass and morph from applied art to abstraction while traversing a single articulated line.  They are people, they are flora and fauna, they are long necked and extravagant birds: whimsical, amused, fleeting and delicate.  They are fellow-travelers with a different perspective.

Here’s a video clip from the 2007 feature film documentary of Baldwin & Guggisberg’s collaborative dance.


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