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meet bummerbunny, my new hero

Watch this well-done video that puts the viewer on the fast track into the head, heart and soul of urban visionary artist Laura Castellanos.  Every artist who thinks they are ‘just not that good” should feel renewed energy to forge ahead after hearing Castellanos talk about not knowing what she was doing at first, being confused by the rewards she was receiving for not knowing what she was doing, and eventually surrendering to the idea of continuing to do what she loved, regardless of whether or not she knew what she was doing.

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Click on the image to go to the video.


A little more than 2 minutes into the 5 minute video Castellanos talks about bummerbunny (pictured above) – don’t miss it.  There is a lesson for all of us in the story of bummerbunny. Most artists go through periods of self-doubt.  We all need a bummerbunny, don’t you think?

 The video was created by Valerie Vozza for Seattle Channel’s Art Zone in the Studio, highlighting the best local talent in the Seattle area (the screen is a bit larger on their site – you can see it here).

bummerbunny has a blog, complete with a picture of Anthony Bourdain wearing a bummerbunny tee-shirt.  My daughter might just faint (she’s a huge Bourdain fan and an awesome cook – watch for her blog, coming soon!).



The artist and Turtle Dreams

Castellanos also has a blog – where she takes pictures of herself with her paintings (fresh slant on blogging!) and a website for her paintings.

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