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dan cormier is peeling polymer!

Dan Cormier and Tracy Holmes are winding down a stellar Southeast USA teaching tour with one more weekend workshop in Raleigh, North Carolina this coming weekend.  There are a few spots left in the 2-day Cutting Edge, Decorative Veneers in Polymer Clay class, and if you hurry you can snag one!  For more information and to register, click here.

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This will be the fourth and final Cutting Edge workshop on this trip – workshops in Tampa, Orlando and Atlanta sold out and were a resounding success.  One student, who has been working with polymer clay for more than 20 years said that she learned more in two Cutting Edge days than she has in two decades!

Join Dan and Tracy  in Raleigh, won’t you?
Where: ArtSpace, Raleigh, North Carolina

When: Saturday & Sunday, March 28 & 29 10am – 5pm each day

What: The Cutting Edge

Why: Learn how a peeler can become your favorite new tool for this medium, and see why students in eight countries are calling this workshop “fabulous… fun… awesome…inspiring…a revelation… mind-blowing… truly Cutting Edge.”

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15 Responses to dan cormier is peeling polymer!

  1. I wish Dan and Tracy would make Dvd’s and books on their techniques. I am unable to travel to take the workshops. I love their work and I would love to learn. I sent him an e-mail, I guess they are to busy to answer someone that can’t pay for their workshops. If they did do Dvd’s and books I would save up my money just so I could buy them. I am on a very tight budget, that is why I would like to learn new ways to better my work. Thanks Lynn Please reply back and let me know if I will ever hear from him.!

  2. I love Dan’s meticulous, methodical almost Zen like approach to making slabs and veneers. Just wish Dan would let students know what he plans to teach so we can pick the workshop that best suits our interests. Half the workshop was focused on a technique that wasn’t in the workshop description and wasn’t a technique I wanted to learn.

  3. First I have to say hi to all my new friends up there in the comments! Hi Atlanta and Asheville peeps!

    This workshop was amazing! To anyone thinking Dan’s work is too precise for you: he teaches you techniques that don’t require difficult precision — just slow control over each step. For someone like me, that’s FANTASTIC.

    And Tracy’s beach pebbles technique has opened the door for me in technique, use of form, and new tools. I can’t wait to explore some variations on those pebbles.

    What a great workshop.

  4. Oh I can hardly contain my excitment! I’m so happy you all shared your experiences here. Several months ago I decided, that yes (dammit!) I was going to go and take their “Week at the Beach” course in May. Sure it’s on the other side of the country and I’m pretty shy but it’s time to jump with both feet I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I …..

    Reading series of praise like above, was what made me decide to go, I’m an avid dam reader so I knew there would be posts coming about the upcoming classes and I was not disappointed

    Thanks everyone and Susan, since I’ve never said directly – I don’t know where I would be without all the wonderful inspiration you bring

  5. I am always interested in learning new techniques and over the years I have happily attended numerous polymer clay workshops with a variety of teachers. But Dan and Tracy’s workshops are different.

    While they do cover new techniques, what Dan and Tracy really teach is how to make your work better. This dynamic duo should be running a polymer clay department at the college level (hint).

    We speak a lot about wanting polymer clay to enjoy the respect and credibility of mediums that have a longer history – one of the ways to accomplish this is to have more refined, finished, cutting edge work out there for the world to see.

    Dan and Tracy have taken their experience, experimentation and innovation and streamlined it into a series of classes that will help you become a better, more informed artist – and as Barbara McGuire commented, “prepare for your work to improve dramatically”, because it will.

  6. After knowing Dan & Tracy for over 14 years my only regret is not having taken a class from them sooner. The presentation alone, not to mention the techniques, encourage an unprecedented respect for the medium. Prepare for your work to improve dramatically. Not necessarily a precision oriented person – I’ve lost that element of fear. I think this will be a defining moment in my career. Atlanta is turned on and tuned in! – We’ll be hosting more.

  7. Do you ever have those inspirational ideas that you just don’t know how to actually make? Dan and Tracy provided the tools to help me complete some projects that I long thought were impossible. They are fabulous teachers and I greatly enjoyed my time with them in FL. This is a terrific class and I would recommend it strongly to anyone who wants to expand their artistic horizons!

  8. So enjoyed experiencing “The Cutting Edge” at the Orlando guild sponsored Fandango in St. Augustine Beach! Dan provides a treasure chest of techniques, samples and inspiration. His charming comments and engaging personality are an added bonus — and he’s not so hard on the eyes, either. Tracy’s expertise complements the amazing artistic journey. Don’t miss this mind and soul expanding opportunity!

  9. This is one of the best classes ever, the tips and techniques are awesome, and they open up so many possibilities!! I would take more classes from Dan and Tracy they are both awesome!

  10. I took their classes in Florida earlier this month. They’re beyond splendid– the classes and Tracy and Dan and Griffin, too. I’d recommend doing anything short of selling your first born to take their class. I’ve already brought things I learned to my own work. Words fail, and, for someone as verbose as I am, that’s sayin’ something.

  11. We had Dan and Tracy at our Orlando Clay Fandango. The “Cutting Edge” is a fantastic workshop. The technique can be added to your repetoire of tools. I would not miss his workshop if you have a chance to take it. Some of the techniques can be applied to merging canes, overlays, and joints. One of the best things about his technique is that he teaches you to be a better you instead of becoming Dan Lite!


  12. Although no stranger to polymer clay, after 22 years of working in this medium, the “Cutting Edge” in Atlanta was my first workshop in this medium. Boy! Do I know how to pick ‘um! Dan and Tracy’s teamwork is so synchronized – Dan’s precision, attention to detail and ability to convey this in a comprehensible, enjoyable manner coupled with Tracy’s dramatic flair and timing bespoke of the time and effort (not to mention talent!) put forth to present their awesome veneering. Having taught drama and art for over ten years, I can certainly appreciate the teaming of these genres to “up” the quality of instruction to new levels! Needless to say, I came away with my brain “reeling” (in every good sense of the word!) with all that I have learned! I can’t wait to see what I can create! A heartfelt “Thanks” to all those involved in making this past weekend a resounding success!

  13. I’m another Atlanta participant. It was mind-opening: The weekend was full of ah-ha moments. And I should add that you don’t have to be an advanced clayer to benefit from the workshop. Dan’s focus on attention to each step of the process is an important lesson to artists/artisans/crafters at all levels.

  14. Run, don’t walk to sign up for this workshop! I had so many images running through my brain after the first day I missed my exit! Enough info and eye candy to last a lifetime and a bunch of fun to boot!! Can’t wait to stack and peel!

  15. Some say mind-blowing. I say mind growing. I had the opportunity to participate in the Cutting Edge workshop this past weekend in Atlanta. For me it was not just a workshop, but a polymer clay experiecne. A definite must-do!

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