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scott fife’s cardboard heads

I am surrounded by cardboard. Cardboard boxes, thin cardboard sheets, corrugated cardboard wraps to protect my hands from the hot tea in cardboard cups, and when I look at cardboard I see…cardboard. 

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[private_archives]We have visited several artists and makers who see more when they look at this humble material, but perhaps most compelling is the transformation that Seattle artist Scott Fife achieves with cardboard, glue and wood screws.

Bardot, cardboard, glue, screws



Fife’s larger-than-life sculptural portraits of cultural icons are eerily realistic. Like the famous and infamous personalities they represent the busts are complete with flaws and imperfections.  Deliberately visible to the viewer, somehow these flaws add more depth to the work. Watch this time lapse video, Making Lionel Hampton, to get an idea of how this trained architect builds each sculpture.



I like the aspect of the low-tech tools that I need to make something like this. In the beginning [it was] an Xacto knife, masking tape and glue–now it’s the screwgun. So that hasn’t changed much at all–the directness of it, that I could begin to shape this, I can make this very plastic without any special process.


Platform Gallery – Scott Fife, True Grit


Available work at Platform Gallery

Fife at Tony Wight Gallery

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