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tusheeta david: modern acrylic

Tusheeta David leaves no trace of her experience as a traditionally trained jeweler in the contemporary acrylic jewelry that defines her most recent collection.  I am enjoying the current design trend that utilizes a range of plastics and she’s on my list of designers to watch.





The jewelry features surface designs of highly magnified digital patterns that she creates with microscopic images and Computer Aided Design (CAD).





Microscopic images and the mystery they exude, along with the sense of wonder of a parallel life veiled beneath perceived existence is a constant inspiration.  My jewellery incorporates clever nuances of sculptural form to deliver a visually stunning product by virtue of its theatrical scale.

Over the last six years David has built an impressive list of accomplishments as a traditional jeweler including designing all of the jewelry for Paheli, a 2005 Academy Award Nominated Bollywood film.  She was also a member of the design team at Tanishq, India’s largest, most desirable and fastest growing jewelry brand.  While at Tanishq, she designed an exclusive collection of haute couture jewelry for the 2004 Milan Fashion Week.  More links for David here and here.

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