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daniel sroka: abstract botanicals

Daniel Sroka’s macro photographs of flowers, leaves, twigs and seeds are a soft place for my eyes to fall.  Sroka says of his abstract organic images, “My art is about re-igniting our awareness of the natural world that we live in every day.”

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[private_archives]I say thank goodness he decided to leave a successful corporate-type career (including a gig as the first creative director at Yahoo!) to pursue his art full time – it means my eyes get to rest on these serene, ethereal images.


Dancer, macro of a dried leaf


Ascent, macro of a dried leaf

The closest relationship most of us have with nature is through our yards and parks, so we experience nature as a safe and controlled environment. But what appears to be a domesticated landscape is actually an uneasy truce with a thriving and chaotic ecosystem. My photographs capture the wildness that thrives in our backyards.


Exovo, macro of a dried leaf


Heart, macro of a leaf that has begun to dry and decay

We can learn a lot from Sroka – about pursuing passion; about how important our early influences prove to be as we mature; about how to think out of the box (he offers customers a chance to purchase his photographs as a “work in progress” at a reduced rate, and they have the option to upgrade once the image is complete).

Read about his creative process here, then go visit the links below and relax.

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