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kyoko okubo: new work

When I wrote about Kyoko Okubo’s diminutive paper menagerie in July, 2007 I marveled at her vivid imagination and wondered out loud why my super-sleuth skills could not uncover more about the Tokyo based artist.

Thanks to a comment on my original post by Scott Rothstein, a friend of Okubo’s, we know a little more about this quiet soul, whose new works were recently on exhibit at the Mobilia Gallery.


Bag, 8″ x 10.5″ x 4″



Okubo, who has had no formal art training, creates each piece by forming washi paper over wire frames.  She has been making the narrative paper sculptures for more than ten years.  Almost always female figures and animals, they are self-portraits that represent her deeply rooted feelings for nature.


Bicycle, 5″ x  3.5″  x  2″


Describing his friend’s work Rothstein says, “Her paper sculptures are like a dream diary, suggesting stories that are not quite of this world. Interpreting her emotions, Kyoko Okubo has shaped an unorthodox collection of intuitive sculptures that are profoundly personal and visually intriguing.” Intriguing…yes.

More images on Art Found Out
Older works at Mobilia

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7 Responses to kyoko okubo: new work

  1. Just a little update.

    I wrote an article on Kyoko that will be coming out in American Craft soon. They are not sure of the date, but I think they will run it in the late spring or in the summer issue.

    There will be a bit more information on her that I have written before and I think there will be 2 pages on her.


  2. I sent a link to my sister. We agree these are haunting and beautiful. I could look at them all day. Thank you for revisiting something I missed the first time you posted. You made my day!

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