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art supply tote from recyled yoga mats!

This is my new favorite way to carry a stash of art supplies for my creative play dates.

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The bucket bag is made from repurposed yoga mats and discarded scraps from the companies that make yoga mats.  I’m not sure that designer Merle O’Brien had art supplies in mind when she created this one, but the  minute I saw it I knew it would be perfect for the job.


The mat’s PVC material makes it easy to wipe down, the bag is deep enough to hold a variety of materials, there are mesh pockets all around the outside of the bag for more supplies and seeing the mat material is really a daily reminder that I must practice my yoga more often.  I love it!  Check out her story here and see some of the collection of bags here.  More designs are  sold in stores across the country.


My bag is a marriage of three things that I love:  organized art supplies, yoga and recycling.  Can’t go wrong there – and besides, O’Brien is a Grateful Dead fan.  ‘Nuff said.

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