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kathleen dustin: perfection in polymer clay

Kathleen Dustin’s new work continues to lead the way as a sublime example of finely crafted polymer clay art.  Each piece more organic than the last; each piece more complex and intricately detailed.  For anyone who still doubts polymer clay’s staying-power as a credible art medium, a visit to Dustin’s site will surely change their mind.  You don’t see the medium – you don’t need to.  The work speaks volumes about craftsmanship, execution, imagination and fine taste.


Hibiscus Wrist Purse, polymer clay with rubber handle


Pinch Pod Pin, polymer clay with dyed pearls


Pinch Pod Neckpiece, polymer clay, oxidized sterling silver

Thanks to Ronna Sarvas Weltman for letting us know about the new work.


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9 Responses to kathleen dustin: perfection in polymer clay

  1. What a day today :oD ! a so huge sunshine in the french sky, and the discover of Kathleen’s work on DAM … It is difficult for me to translate in english what I feel when I see her work : maybe “delicate”, “emotional”, “mysterious” could be somme words describing it !! Many many thanks for this wonderfull begining day Susan !!
    Mariane S.

  2. hi Susan!
    Happy new year!
    Health and work! ;-)) to you and your family!
    I’ve chosen this post because i’m a great fan of her..
    i don’t have the words to tell how i love her work,
    how i need to visit her site like your site!
    And you are together this time! ;-))
    Great day!
    Thank you Susan
    take care! ;-))

  3. Beverley – I’m delighted that you are enjoying Daily Art Muse!

    As for Kathleen’s website, have you tried to access it through the link on this post? The images on the post also link back to her site.

    Hope this helps – her site is really a treat.

  4. The only words that come to my mind is in French, so here goes.
    Grandioses: les couleurs ,les formes et le sens artistique.
    A great artist is the best thing to find in one’s world. It makes us grow too.

  5. Thank you for your lovely site which you have obviously spent a lot of time developing. Beautifully done. I too am an admirer of Kathleen’s work but I wonder if anyone knows if her website is still available? For some time now I’ve been unable to upload it and I don’t know how to contact her to find out if it’s ‘just me’. Many thanks.

  6. Oh my! Yes, the hibiscus with the fragile looking paper thin petals is an outstanding achievement. I didn’t initially realize there were many more equally as breathtaking (should have read the post more carefully but couldn’t take my eyes away from the images).

    My favorites are Nigella Pod, Blumen Bachia Pod and definitely Open Seed Pod which I’m quite fond of as I make seed pods in my own work. These perfectly capture the look of perfectly preserved botanical specimens. What an inspiration!!

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