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sam shaw stones

What happens when you combine a degree in geology with a lifelong love of art?  A stunning collection of beachstone jewels wrapped in gold and silver by Maine jeweler Sam Shaw.

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[private_archives]The work ranges from fairly traditional settings to redefining the way we think of using stones…


Ring/Pendant – can be worn both ways – I love this!


Balance Brooches



Rock In A Box



Stand Up Stones


The urge to pick up beautiful, rounded pebbles is almost universal. Many people walk away from the beach with a hard round memory in their pocket.


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2 Responses to sam shaw stones

  1. I am one of those stone “collectors” handfuls of stones on plates in the studio, in my coat pockets, I had so many at one time that I’ve started depositing them on the larger rocks around my pond. Now my kids, their friends and my nieces and nephews rediscover them. But I never did anything as wonderful as Sam Shaw has done- with stones. Sam, Take a bow!

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