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danielle miller: playful kinetic jewelry

When I’m in art-research mode I know I hit that oh-so-sweet jackpot if I’m browsing through a jeweler’s collection and all of a sudden I suck in my breath and forget to breathe.

That’s what happened when I saw Danielle Miller’s kinetic jewelry collection. Simple, elegant beauty at its best with a measure of old fashioned surprise and a dollop of fun!

The Mod Rocker Rings pictured here are my favorite.  Each ring has two movements – the long rectangle rocks back and forth like a see-saw and the semi-precious stone slides back and forth along a rail.  What a delightful conversation-starter!

The Kinetic Mod Bracelet above is made up of three tiers of rectangles hinged together with semi-precious stones that slide along a track.

Swinging Mod Earrings

As if that isn’t enough, the talented Miller also understands a man’s need to fidget in style – the men’s collection of kinetic jewelry is equally playful and well engineered.

The delightful Ms. M. has a blog and an Etsy shop too.

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