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celebration: blog giveaway!

Blog Giveaway Worth More Than $200.00!

I’m in the mood to celebrate!  After talking about it for a long time, I finally got to work on an Etsy shop and as you know (because this week I’m all about shameless self-promotion!) text messages is ready to indulge your textual pleasures.  Yay!  Now it is time to P.A.R.T.Y.!  Since my idea of a party is a good art/craft book, some new materials to play with and great inspiration (I know, I’m crazy like that) I thought a giveaway for books and supplies might be just what we need on daMuse to kick your creativity into high gear.

One lucky winner will receive:

Millefiori Story DVD with Judy Belcher

Punch Needle Creations by Pamela Gurney

Craft Candy by Candace Marquette

Fuse It and Be Done! by Barbara Campbell & Yolanda Fundora

1000 Handmade Greetings by Laura McFadden with Deborah Baskin

Polymer Clay and Mixed Media by Christi Friesen

Trading Card Treasures by Carol M. Heppner

A tantalizing text-y surprise package from text messages

The books, dvd and supplies listed are surefire muse ticklers.  Nice way to expand your artistic vocabulary!  They cover polymer clay, artist trading cards, fabric fusing, greeting cards, punch needle art (which is enjoying renewed popularity) and quick and easy crafts to stitch, glue and paint.  Wow…

How to enter:

Leave a comment on this post with the answer to one of the two questions below.  Participants must have a U.S. mailing address (I apologize to my international readers…postage for this package was off the charts). Winner will be chosen using a random number generator.

1. What Word Would You Pick?

If you were in an art workshop and the instructor announced that the day’s challenge was to pick one word and incorporate that word into your creation (using the actual word in paper, metal, polymer clay, ceramic, wood or any other material) what word would you pick? Feel free to let us know why you picked that word if you’d like. [Remember, the instructor wants you to incorporate the word itself into the artwork]


2. What Would You Like To See At Text Messages?

Visit text messages and look at the current items for sale – aren’t they sweet?  I’m just getting started and have lots more to list.  Tell me one text-related object you would like to see there.

But Wait!  There’s More! A Special Drawing! Another Chance!

Help me get the word out about this text-ish goody bag.

If you promote the giveaway I will enter you into a special drawing for a collection of Vintage Wood Type worth $50! Here’s a picture of vintage wood type.  This is not the type you will receive, just a picture to show what wood type is, but I promise I will handpick a beautiful selection just for you!

To Enter the Special Drawing for Wood Type Please Do One Of The Following:

1.  Announce this giveaway on your blog and then leave a comment on the post about my wood type collection letting me know where the announcement appears


2.  Stumble my Etsy shop and leave a message linking to the stumble on the post about the shop opening


3.  Purchase an item from textmessages during this giveaway (December 5th through December 15th 19th, 8pm EST).

Deadline For Entries: Monday Friday, December 15th 19th, 2008.

Comments for both giveaways will close on Monday Friday December 15th 19th, 8pm EST.

Giveaway Contributors

Many thanks to the contributing publishers including PageSage, Martingale & Company, Creative Publishing International, Krause Publications, Sterling Publications and Quarry Books.  Please visit the Giveaway Sponsors by clicking on the links in the sidebar…over there, to the right of this post, right above my Daily Reads!

If you would like to contribute an item to a future daMuse giveaway please send me an email – you can find my contact at the top of the sidebar.

Giveaway Summary:

1.  There are two separate giveaways, follow the instructions above to enter one or both
2.  Participants must have a U.S. shipping address
3.  Deadline for both giveaways is Monday Friday December 15 19, 2008
4.  Comments for both giveaways will close at 8pm EST on Monday Friday December 15th 19th, 2008
5.  Winners will be chosen using a random number generator

Much Love & Luck To Everyone!

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107 Responses to celebration: blog giveaway!

  1. My word would be “vintage.” I like adding a vintage look to my projects, I like using vintage materials, I love vintage (50s-60s) fashions, I like decorating with vintage items. That’s me – vintage.

  2. Your Etsy shop is delightful!!! I think my word is “hope” yes…HOPE! We need to have hope. People without hope are sad and so caught up in the struggles of life and miss the joy and blessings. I have just claimed HOPE for my focus for 2009.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway!! 🙂

  3. I would chose the word “memories”. With both of my parents having macular degeneration and becoming blind, I realize how much memories mean in our lives….how we carry them forward in our lives and how they influence all we do. In my work with polymer clay, I can engage color of now and yesterday with texture and shape which can entertain and please almost everyone.

    Thanks for the inspiration you give us every day. Coming to your site is like having a present to open daily. And congrats on your new store!

  4. I would choose the word “focus” — not only because it’s one of my words for this year, but also because it’s a fun word to play with visually.

    Thanks for the giveaway — your new store looks great!

  5. i came over via a post on gauche alchemy’s blog. what a great giveaway!

    i think i would choose the word “untamed”. basically because i am obsessed with a cory branan song. check him out if you like singer/songwriters;) both my blog and my livejournal are titled “untamed”… it seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life.

  6. I would choose the word SQUIGGLE. When I’m trying to create and my mind becomes too boxed in, I visualize the free flowing squiggle and it helps open my mind to explore beyond the typical preconceived ideas lurking there.

  7. I would choose ‘reliquary.’ I love the sound of this work, its complicated little spikes both when written and when spoken, and the idea of reliquaries is a strange and inspiring one that seems made for multi-media artwork.

    I used to wander around rolling particularly delightful words around in my mouth, mumbling “Reliquary. Liiiiilac. Corseted…”

  8. I think HOPE would be a good word to try to incorporate into an art piece. I know someone else posted the same word but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to post it again. That and LOVE need to be shared over and over.

  9. {oh yes, the busy-ness, SHEESH! Thanks for extending the deadline!}

    Love your shop; so glad to see it! I’d love to see good quality, pre-printed collage sheets since my printer is not top-notch.

    AND I’ll tell ya my favorite word: “Dream”
    Sounds cliche`, i know, but i think it’s an important word.


  10. The word I choose is “amazing”. A friend sent me a YouTube of Il Divo singing one of my all-time favorite songs, “Amazing Grace” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtrnB4FZ-yc – and I was transported into a state of peacefulness from the words, the music, the voices. Although I’ve heard many versions (which are all great), this one moves me the most.

    What better visual than “Amazing!” on a piece of art. It’s almost like Charlotte’s Web, all over again!

  11. My word would be “fly.” Mostly because of this quote by Guillaume Apolinaire: “Come to the edge, he said. They said: We are afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed them and they flew.”

  12. I’ve stumbled your shop! , first page, not sure how to leave you a link. I think if you go to your stumble upon you can search for your shop and it will tell you that organicodysseys already discovered it.

  13. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Congratulations on the new shop at etsy. I have been there a few months and it’s been exciting! I too love words and plan on incorporating them into my work shortly. I think if there were one word I would incorporate into my organics body of work it would be ‘TASTE’, it is different for each person and spans many areas of our lives, if not all.

    #2 I would like to see some word brass stencils, these can be used for clay better than individual letters because the separate letters could leave lines around them if used to impress for a bias relief design instead of just for paint stenciling.

  14. Succulence.

    It’s definition – ‘a juicy appetizingness’

    I have taken the phrase from Sark “Live Succulently” and applied it to my life as often as possible. There is such a banquet out there for us, and most of us stand around the edges and barely engage. I want to belly flop into the middle, and use every one of my senses to fully appreciate all the wonderful abundance around me.

    Even just putting parts of the text of it within a polymer clay pin, or bracelet – enough so when I see it, to remind me not to tiptoe through life, but experience it fully!

  15. I choose the word LEARN, and if I could I would add the words READ, FAMILY, and CHALLENGE.

    I could go weird and choose words that mean something to me but may not mean much to others.


    Many of the words others have offered up here have been interesting to ponder. I especially liked the word Scientific….. now how to translate that into my work? hmmmmmm

    Thanks for the fun give away!

  16. I would choose the word “gratitude” as a reminder to myself that no matter what is happening at any given moment, there is so much in the everyday sights and experiences to be grateful for. And this emotion heals the heart.

  17. I would pick orange. Because orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

    Moreover, orange and green and gold/brown are popping up all over the place for me lately, and I’d like to see a little more orange. I just inherited a bunch of 70’s objects and furniture from my Grams – including a knitting basket that’s tuhdiefor – and I’d want my art piece to go with the new decor.

  18. Kerfluffle!

    (Any of a bunch of spellings)

    Heard it on the Rachel Maddow show last night and remembered it is one of my favorite if silly words! Had to add it to the list!

  19. I know this sounds like a cop-out, but my word is “words”.
    Words are important to me; I’m all about reading and language and communication, and the infinite allure of words. Also, I love the way words look: groups of words, groups of letters. I guess that’s why I like your new text site so much…

  20. I would choose the word “Spam” and not the processed food spam. Spam could be the way you blanket the world (internet) with a message or a thought. We could spam the world with beautiful things,arts thoughts, words, hopes or dreams. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  21. the word I would pick is “Scientific”. I don’t know why, but before I read this post, I was just looking at a design of a steampunk heart, and that is what popped into my mind.

  22. I would choose the word “metamorphic”. I would love to see how different artists (from glass blowers to metal smiths to sculptors, etc) fully embrace this word and see the energy and “change” it creates in each piece.

  23. What I’d like to see is all those lovely words people have suggested in interesting fonts and in foreign languages: French is elegant, Arabic script is beautiful, Chinese calligraphy is artistic…

  24. Joy is my word of choice! The very act of creating brings joy. Discovering new techniques, considering new possibilities, combining materials brings joy. There is joy in a piece well done, joy in a mistake that leads to discovery, and joy when someone else catches the joy of your work and makes it their own.

  25. My word is “Joy”. In this tough economy, I’m trying to find more “Joy” in everyday things. It’s a word you hear mostly around Christmas, but I’d like to see it more year-round. There are many places to find Joy in all the seasons – new growth in the spring, shade in summer etc… Even as I hold my breath waiting for the lay-off notices coming soon to my office, I am finding Joy in my art. And of course, one of my favorit “Joy” places is your blog. Thank you!

  26. I have pondered on this for a bit. My word would be Gratitude.

    As in being in a state of appreciation and gratefulness for all the people that inspire and guides on this artful journey.

    Being thankful for the moments that give us the awe feeling. Or trigger a moment of joy & hope.

    For me being in a state of Gratitude opens many other doors. The least being Abundance, Tranquility, Love.

  27. The word I would select is “yes”. So many of us are limited in a number of ways by approaching tasks/ideas/challenges with ” I can’t, I don’t know how,it won’t work.” I like the challenge of affirmation.

  28. I choose the word Namaste – it conveys an understanding that the source of life connects us all, and that we share that life energy with all creation – we are truly one with all that is… it’s easy to forget and consider ourselves isolated or tenuously attached. Remembering our connection makes each life we encounter the more precious.

  29. Giggle – I have granddaughters ages 1 and 4 and they great each moment with a giggle – it’s just makes me burst! Giggle – try it!
    Whatever I created would have lots of bright colors and twirling, unexpected surprises and glimpses of possibility – just like these little girls. Hopefully it would remind the wearer of the child within.

  30. c e n t r i c
    …why? It is a word itself. It is also a word that is so very central (play intended) to other words.
    …and there are tons more!

    Welcome to Etsy!

  31. I would chose the word “integrity.” I guess, the pessimist in me says that is incredibly lacking these days (just listen to the news). But the other reason is because I have that, I hope, at the core of who I am and that is what I base my actions upon, not an outside set of what others’ think or want. Does that mean that at times I don’t “fit in” or act like others, oh yeah. But it also means that I don’t have to look back and live with regrets, nor do I have problems looking myself in the eye in the mirror each day. Everyone needs some “code” to their life and personal integrity is mine.

  32. I would choose the word “Allow.” How many times do we not do or try something because we don’t ALLOW ourselves? Or because someone else told us not to? To be allowed to risk, to play, to experiment, to make mistakes and just to allow ourselves the time to make our art is a wonderful thing. Allow. We can have it “ALL” if we stop fearing the “OW.” ALLOW!

  33. I have 2 words. Peace and Miracle.
    Peace, which is really about inner peace and calming the spirit within and looking at the world
    Miracle, which occurs everyday if you only look.

  34. My word would be “Elements”. It could be simple like air, earth, fire and water or it could be much deeper and take on a feeling, more of an enternal element. We use different elements in every art project we do and the elements around them change our art from day to day (look at rust 🙂

  35. My word would be “flow”. It’s such a wonderful feeling when the creative side of your mind makes that breakthrough and ideas and inspiration come rushing through!

  36. I’d choose the word ‘believe’. believe in God-believe in yourself-believe in love-believe in hope-believe you can finish that craft that has been sitting on your kitchen table for a month!!

  37. I would chose intention … I walked around my studio and looked at all of the art I have displayed, and the one that still speaks to me the most is the Living Eulogy by Mary Anne Radmacher that ends with “she lived with intention”. Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. My word would be “Joy” — because it’s the way I’ve been feeling lately. Joy that my country is finally looking upward from the pit it’s been in, Joy that I’m in an era where imagination can mate with wonderful art media not available even when I was born, and joy that I’m able to wake up each morning with a smile on my face.

  39. I would choose the word “stress.” Not because that’s how I feel, but because it’s not a word typically chosen like hope or love. Not that there is anything wrong with those words… I just like thinking outside the box.

  40. “passion”
    I don’t know how I would use this word. How do you convey a word that means so many things without it meaning just one thing? Happy or sad…glad or sorry… mad or angre? A sunriase is a new beginning for someone but for someone else its the ending. How do you feel good if you don’t know what feeling bad is all about. Why do you ask a question if you don’t want the answer? Would we go crazy if we could cover all this at one time?

    Maybe this instructor had a big job with people like me in class?

  41. I would choose the word “fire”. Not only does it describe my favorite medium (as I am a lampworker/beadmaker), but it also describes energy burning within… A creative fire, a great love, a passion…

  42. The one other thing I would like to see on your Etsy site is
    test on a transparency. I am about to begin projects using transparencies and it would be nice to purchase them rather than produce them myself!

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