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cindy silas on the web

I met polymer clay/pmc artist Cindy Silas at Synergy – she was told that there was someone else ‘pushing polymer’ through metal and that we should meet.  Of course my metal was a store-bought bracelet blank.  Silas’ metal was fine silver.  Fine silver that she fabricated.  Different league.  Maybe even a league of its own.

Promenade, Cindy Silas 2008, fine silver, polymer clay

Her work is elegant, refined, warm, welcoming.  Back in February her website was just a page – a placeholder for the real thing.  I’m delighted that the site is now live – you can have a front row seat and watch as her gallery grows.  Congratulations on the new website Cindy!

Circles, Cindy Silas 2008, fine silver, polymer clay

Cindy Silas –  website

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8 Responses to cindy silas on the web

  1. Blush! Thank you so much to everyone for your comments!

    I also loved the final look of your bracelet Susan. The polymer and metal look fabulous together. And I look forward to seeing you again in the future–at the next Synergy, if not before then.

    If I’d known how much fun it would be to design a website, it’d been up much sooner!

  2. Wonderful feature on Cindy, Susan. I’ve been watching Cindy’s work since Synergy as well (she showed me “circles” and I was so impressed with her unique and beautiful style!…she had me with the curly q’s :)….love the website, too. Congrats Cindy!

  3. Thanks for that info Carol – it looks like she’s teaching there again this coming weekend, right? Wish I was closer…

    Do you have a roster of classes set for 2009? Let us know when you do!

  4. I agree with you 100%, Cindy has taken this and run with it, and is doing a great job. Cindy I love your new website, and
    looking forward to seeing what else you have up that sleeve of yours. I am also excited about the classes she is teaching at my studio, anyone that can, it is a must do…….
    Carol Hamilton
    C Hamilton Designs

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