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jocz bends, cuts, colors aluminum

Trained as a sculptor, today Daniel Jocz works on a small scale bending, cutting, carving and coloring anodized aluminum to form contemporary jewelry designs.

Dance, anodized aluminum

Has aluminum ever appeared so fluid, so full of movement? The graceful curves, and shadowy coloring of Dance, the bracelet above, is achieved by an artist with that spectacular combination of masterful skill and passion for his material.

Under The Influence, anodized aluminum

Blue Flower, anodized aluminum

View the full collection at Mobilia Gallery

Read about him at Ganoskin

Archives of his extensive portfolio are on his website (Gallery A and Gallery B)

From the archives:

1991, nickel, polymer clay, pigment

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One Response to jocz bends, cuts, colors aluminum

  1. I was reading about the process of anodizing aluminum the other day, and I have to admit I got more interested in the dynamics of the process than the products I was seeing. But these are smashing! Wouldn’t I love to wear that bracelet at top!

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