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jeanne rhea’s ink blots revisited

I remember when Jeanne Rhea was experimenting with polymer clay and alcohol inks for ATC’s – I was intrigued.  Inspired by fractals and images similar to photomicrography, the mixed media artist soon shifted her focus away from clay, instead creating ink paintings on other non-porous substrates.

When she discovered that customers prefer to see abstracts in large formats she responded by making the ink paintings in sizes that range from 12″x12″ to 36″x36″.  Jeanne shared with me that she still makes ATC’s to work out color, composition and ink reactions.

I love the burst of colors! These fractal-meets-micro-organism paintings are bold and bright enough to wake you up on a sleepy morning!  My only request is to see a shot of the paintings framed and mounted on the wall so we can get a better idea of the scale.

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6 Responses to jeanne rhea’s ink blots revisited

  1. Jeanne Rhea’s ink paintings almost defy description! While they are FABULOUS to behold on the internet at jeannerhea.com, they are even MORE awesome in person! While I’m DELIGHTED to be able to view a dazzling assortment of her original creations for sale at the Carolina Artists’ Colony in Sanford, NC, I love them all so much, I can’t choose which to bring home with me!

  2. Like Michelle, I’ve had the honor of seeing Jeanne’s work in person and it is simply amazing. The color is bold, the work perfectly composed, and the cradled substrate she uses allows for the paintings to hung very easily. One gets easily lost in the journey of color with Jeanne’s ink paintings.

  3. Mariane, When I first started these ink paintings, I did not have many different colors of inks. The last one was made by mixing colors and adding some powdered pigments to the alcohol inks. I think that mixing my own colors made it completely different than the others. I am now making a lot of my own colors and find that most people like them the best.

    Thank you, Michelle. It is so good to know you and your work! I must figure out a way to get some photos that show the depth. A photographer told me it was next to impossible so I must work on this some more.

    All of my finished paintings except the four that I have on Etsy right now are in galleries or have been sold. I had not thought to take a photo to show how they look on a wall, but can certainly see how that would help. Will do that with the ones I am working on. Since almost all of them have a high gloss it is very hard to get a photo if hanging on a wall. I may have to use a matte finish for the photo and then finish with gloss after taking the photo.

    Thanks for making this post about my paintings. I have had dozens of emails today. Not sure where they all came from, but several mentioned your site.

  4. Jeanne’s ink paintings are wonders to behold. Although these photos are good, they don’t do them justice; the actual paintings are luminous, intricate and evocative. Their high gloss finish is the crowning touch–makes you want to run your hand across them–though you know you shouldn’t!

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