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nikon 2008 small world competition winners

Michael Stringer, Marine Diatoms

Last October we visited the gallery pages of Nikon’s Small World Competition.  Time to visit the gallery again, now that the 2008 photomicrography winners were announced. Michael Stringer took first place with this image of marine diatoms. The image looks like painterly brush strokes or softly striped feathers.

From the website:

This image was one of a series Mr. Stringer created to illustrate a talk to a camera club on “Photography through the microscope.” His objective was to display diatoms in a modern way using super contrast and careful application of color. Rather than showing all the details, or warts and wrinkles as Mr. Stringer likes to call them, he dressed up the diatoms by manipulating the image and creating this beautiful photomicrograph.

Dr. Rachel Fink grabbed an Honorable Mention for this picture of newly fertilized killifish embryos.  My personal favorite.

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