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bernadette deddens is building character

Bernadette Deddens thinks that her collection of fashion accessories build character. She “perceives the fashion accessory as a tool to communicate identity and as a prop that can subtly influence our behaviour.”  The 2006 graduate of the Royal College of art believes that her accessories add small-scale drama to daily life.  That’s good.  I don’t need large-scale drama.  Been there. Done that.

This choker, featuring a “tile” that looks like a piece of linoleum flooring, unfolds into a full length necklace.

Floor Necklace closed

Floor Necklace open

Interesting concept, right?  Here’s another from the young designer – the silicone rubber sandal and shoe below were made with help from a cake icing syringe!

Watch her make a sandal in this video clip. Young and innovative is always a winning combination – two other favorites from the collection are the Notebook Bag and the almost-hysterical Vickey had a hickey love-bite device.

Come back later for more unusual uses of a plastic material.

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