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beadartists.org: glass beads galore

I’m having ‘internet issues’ this morning.  While I try to figure things out, here’s a link that will keep you mesmerized for awhile.  Beadartists.org is an online community for glass bead artists where 486 glass bead artists have posted 44,701 pictures.  The image below is from one of Vivian’s Lampwork pages.  Love the earthy tones – these colors resemble the fall scene outside my window.

The website gallery is divided into several categories including vessel beads, encased beads, animal glass beads and millefiori. Happy surfing!

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6 Responses to beadartists.org: glass beads galore

  1. Just now found your site… this is a great site, I’m lovin’ it! And love to see that you list Dansko clogs as something you love… I’m a clog fanatic as well as a clay fanatic! Some really great ideas… makes me wanna get back to making more with clay, I’d gotten away from it for some time now. What fun! And the oranges in today’s sample are just wonderful…. how are those shiny bits embedded? I’ll be coming back!

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