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the whispering gallery

Early this morning I posted these images and asked if anyone knew what the people in the pictures were doing.  Jean was right – New York’s Grand Central Terminal has many secrets and the ‘whispering gallery’ is one of its most charming.  NewYorkology describes the magic:

Among the secrets of the Grand Central Terminal is the “whispering gallery” in front of the famous Oyster Bar & Restaurant. There is no sign marking the gallery or how to make it work. But if you wait a few minutes, a couple will undoubtedly walk up and head to separate corners and elicit its magic.

The low ceramic arches, built for the 1913 opening of Grand Central, are designed in such a perfect way that if two people stand at diagonal arches and whisper into a corner, they should be able to hear each other as if they were face to face – not far across the way.

I was there yesterday at dusk and every few minutes the players changed, but the expressions were similar as they walked away.  I squealed with delight when my daughter (whose lovely back you saw in this morning’s post) whispered to me and I watched both children and adults joyfully experience the whisper gallery.  Here are a few of more images from last night.

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  1. Susan, I missed the birthday celebrations! So I thought I would leave a message here anyway. Congratulations and thank you for a wonderful, wonderful place to come and relax, to be inspired, to wonder at and to enjoy. I love my visits every day and always look forward to whatever new goodies you have found.

    Thank you so much.


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