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joshua allen harris’ street art

At first glance you might think that the plastic sheet laying on the NYC subway grate is garbage.  In fact that’s what Joshua Allen Harris hopes you will think.  But if you focus on the plastic for a few moments it come to life, inflating and becoming animated.  Harris’ sculptures range from bears, apes and giraffes to the Loch Ness monster. He uses only tape, plastic bags and the air flow generated by subway trains. The deflation is as compelling as the inflation. Take a look.

Everybody is interested in it…in how it works.  It is the magical…it’s what art is about.

After you see the video, go here to see the artist’s video interview with New York Magazine. Magical indeed…

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3 Responses to joshua allen harris’ street art

  1. Now that is WEIRD! That darned dog was BARKING, I swear it! And wagging his little tail, too! The body language (sans body!!) was so realistic! I’m boggled!

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