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Mariana’s Flickr photos of an Australian eucalyptus flower, posted here on Daily Art Muse (August 2008) provided the inspiration for Cristalline’s brooch. Impressed with both, Eva Menager (aka La Casa de Fieras) felt the pull to interpret the flower, creating the vessels shown here.

They are just the beginning – she wrote to say that the images moved her so much she will be working with this inspiration for another season.

More from Eva:

Valerie is right you’re the best resource, but you’re driving us all over the World without limits… you are not the End, You are the Beginning!

Finally, when Robin Johnston sent along the link for this post, she included a note that was another indication that Daily Art Muse is making a difference:

Your blog is such a pleasure for me. Thanks for the months (years now for me, actually) of inspiration and thought-provoking ideas. You help me to ask rather profound questions about my art, my life choices, and even my thought processes. Yet your challenges are gentle enough to feel like a good friend asking, probing, pushing and encouraging, rather than an outsider attacking. As a result of your blog I have returned to drawing and am becoming passionate about doing it daily, and doing it better. Thanks again…. I am a better person because of your blog.

Thanks Robin, I am also a better person because of this blog and all of my loyal readers.  Your emails, comments and beautiful DAMuse-inspired work keep me motivated to continue writing and sharing and I look forward to more, more, more!

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