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the sticky note experiments

Don’t you love sticky notes? I regularly cover surfaces with sticky note to-do lists, wish-lists and design sketches. Computers. Walls. White Boards. Studio Tables. Printers. Desks. No surface is safe from my sticky note madness.  Who knew a small square of colorful paper could be so addictive?  So seductive. So…ummmm…dangerous.

The folks at Eepybird.com understand my problem.  Look at what they did with 280,951 sticky notes.

Colorful, joyful fun. Smile-worthy for sure.

More at Eepybird.com

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6 Responses to the sticky note experiments

  1. This is a bit late of a comment, but I too make origami out of sticky notes. They are just great for modular origami, as one can easily do a couple of modules during boring meetings. 🙂

    I really love them, I always have tons of notes around my work station! Never thought of it, but yes they really ARE happy cheerful little pieces of paper!

  2. I have to confess I and some co-workers (back in my corporate days) actually used the pop-up sticky notes for decorations/streamers , some actually similar to those in the the little video for an impromptu farewell gathering and we indeed had slinky races with those pop-up sticky notes…..to bad we did not have the foresight to (or maybe we did) tape the little event. This definitely put a smile on my face!

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