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karen lise krabbe: under the spell of illusion

I received a lovely email about the blog. The kind of email that keeps me going – especially on dark gloomy days like this rainy Tuesday. Here’s a snippet:

I saw in the ‘testimonials’ that someone called your site ‘an online jewel’. Totally agree. I recently came by accident to your site looking for something else and I hung around for hours. I really couldn’t get away from it. Apart from the instant pleasure the pictures and comments gave me…what also attracted me is the selection you make.

When I clicked through a link in the email to the sender’s website I was transported into Danish artist Karen Lise Krabbe’s world of beautiful fused, slumped glass sculptures. [I don’t know who photographed Krabbe’s work, but they did a masterful job, giving us the underbelly so that we don’t miss any of the details.] Wow…

“It-1” slumped, fused glass, sand

I am under the spell of illusions – I have always treasured ‘the first impression’, the first sight – and I want to prolong it, not letting facts and knowledge interfere. The second when you don’t know what you see, you don’t recognize it, you don’t realize it, you just ‘eye’ something ‘to be’ because you see ‘it’. Later we use another part of the brain to explain. This very short moment before the brain decides what to see is what I try to capture: the first impression.

“It-2” fused, slumped glass, sand

Karen also wrote that she worked with polymer clay quite a bit before she ‘bumped into’ glass. Maybe she will combine the two someday…

Thanks Karen – for the email (it made my day) and for sharing your art with the larger world. Smoky. Mysterious. Organic. Love it.

[Edited 9/14/08:  Karen’s photographer is Enok Holsegaard.  You can see more of his work here.]

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