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tech support and global warming

I’m still tweaking the software update, but everything should be working again – please let me know if anything looks/acts wonky on the site. I’m deeply grateful for tech support! If you need a really good hosting site with a super helpful support staff then please check out HostMySite.com. They rock!

Now on to global warming. No, not THAT global warming…I’m talking about the warm fuzzies I get when I read a post like this one on Dan Cormier and Tracy Holmes’ website. Worldwide interest in Holmes and Cormier’s Gabriola Island Polymer Clay Immersion master class retreat reminds us just how quickly the polymer clay community has become a fully engaged global community.

The Haven Waterfront Resort

We’re really thrilled with the idea of hosting this intimate-yet-international event, welcoming visitors from all over the map, being ambassadors for our part of the world, and for our medium. And with five of six continents represented already (not counting Antarctica, since we’re really not expecting anyone from there), the obvious question is… Who’s going to come ‘up over’ from ‘down under,’ put Australasia on our map, and make this a historically transcontinental summit for our medium? Coo-ee! With a cobber from Oz, she’d be a real ripper beauty!

The week-long class, scheduled for September, promises to be another eye-opening, creativity-packed event from this dynamic duo. All of the necessary details here.  Dan’s recent work here.

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