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isolyn’s magnetic wall hangings

the flowers - detailMichelle Butler gives us a burst of colorful fun for our Monday morning. Founder of the design company Isolyn, Butler displays flower-power felt on customer’s walls. The felted flowers have magnets hidden in them, allowing the viewer to change the composition on these interactive wall hangings …kind of like rearranging the furniture. Wonder how polymer clay would hold up here? Maybe as the center for Isolyn’s beautiful blooms?

michelle butler arranging one of her magnetic felt flower wall hangings
I want to know why Butler isn’t wearing a pair of her matching felt flower slippers for this NY Times photo shoot!


english rose panel with led lights embedded in the flowers

A more sophisticated look. The red flowers are mounted on a wool background and they have L.E.D. lights embedded in their centers.

see the little lights?

link via designer’s block

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